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Process Oriented Growth

     Collect Event Data

We take the hard work from your hands and collect and clean your business event logs.


We provide suggestions for your business process improvements.

Business Process Model

We create an understandable

process model of you business processes.

Resource Management

We manage your resources and people.

      Bottle Neck Detection 

We find bottlenecks and undesired events in your business processes.

Deviation Analysis

We provide you deviation analysis in your business processes.


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“Hiring SOLIX is the best investment I made as a business owner. Now I can focus on giving the best service to my clients.  Martha and her team helped me discover where I was overspending,  created a budget and business plan for 2022. We are launching two new products, I am very excited for the future of World Nutrition, thanks to SOLIX!”


-Eliuth, World Nutrition CEO

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