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Have you thought about business process efficiency or using data to create business strategy?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

We conducted a survey and shared it with business owners nationwide. The goal of our survey was to find out what concerns business owners have regarding their business growth and what solutions they have already tried to address their concerns. Moreover, we aimed to investigate what types of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions they would be most interested in for growing their business.

From the received responses, we have found that the main concerns are as follows:

  • 63 % of the participants were concerned about lack of having enough staff due to the high expense of hiring Data Scientists/Analysts,

  • 16 % were concerned about slow sales cycles,

  • 21 % were concerned about not having enough sales.

To address the mentioned issues, currently, the companies are applying the following solutions:

  • 8 % some tools to provide the solutions,

  • 26 % tried to hire data scientists to analyze data and provide solutions,

  • 31 % tried to manage everything without considering any data scientists or analysts,

  • 35 % tried to redesign their processes.

To track the efficiency of their business process, the companies use the following approaches:

  • 10 % have thought about how much money they are able to save by detecting bottlenecks in their process and addressing them,

  • 23 % have just thought about improving the process,

  • 7 % Reports and analytics,

  • 61 % haven’t thought about it.

Unfortunately, 61% of all companies have not even thought about their business process efficiency. It is the case, specifically, for small business and medium-sized companies, since the owners or managers are tied down solving daily logistical problems and set aside their financials and hope for the best. Moreover, hiring data analysis tends to be expensive, with the average salary of a data analyst in the Chicago land area to be about 160,000/ year. Many small businesses and even mid-sized companies are not able to afford these essential services. However, this is a limitation for a company’s growth.

SOLIX Financial Solutions is a 100% business-owned company that helps you with financial matters. And even better, we will do it at less than a third of what a data scientist costs and you will have great minds at your fingertips. We help with the following and more!

  • Are you looking to allocate sales and marketing resources more efficiently?

  • Do you want to redesign their business process based on the real data in the last few years to improve the efficiency of the process?

  • Do you need to detect the bottlenecks in the process and handle them?

  • Understand when your sales peak and which they are the lowest

  • Know where you are spending the most and plan how to reduce these costs

  • We can detect deviations in the processes that is used for auditing

  • We forecast your sales & profits using advanced accurate Machine Learning (ML) techniques such as machine learning

Our main mission is to help take your company to the next level; whether it is fueling your sales and profits, allocating marketing and sales resources optimally to grow your business, and creating a strategy for your operation to reduce waste and expense. We are the experts that can help you answer the right questions to grow your business. We would love to provide you with quality service in business data drive solutions. Feel free to contact us by email. Looking forward to hearing from you!

For more information, feel free to visit our website at

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